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There is a lot to see and do in Macon County!

Macon County is on the Andersonville Trail and resides in the Presidential Pathways Travel Region. 



Andersonville National Historic Site

This is an awe-inspiring sight and is the final resting place for almost 13,000 Union soldiers who were confined here during the War Between the States. Visitors today can view restored sections of the stockade and imagine what captivity here might have been like. Click here for more information.



The National Prisoner of War Museum

The National Prisoner of War Museum is dedicated to the men and women of this country who suffered captivity so that others may remain free.  Their story is one of sacrifice and courage; their legacy, the gift of liberty.  Click here to learn more.



Whitewater Creek Park

Enjoy Macon County's Whitewater Creek Park.  The park is located on Georgia Highway 128 just north of Oglethorpe.   RV hookups and campsites are available.  



Historic Homes

Macon County has many historic homes. Marshallville, Montezuma, and Oglethorpe each have many that can be seen from state route 49. You can click here to view and or print the on-line version of the tour guide.



Mennonite Community

Macon County enjoys an active community of Mennonites. Many people around the state have visited "Yoder's Deitsch Haus Restaurant, Bakery & Gift Shop". While there you may enjoy touring the community and learning about the Mennonite way of life.  










In the mid-1950's eleven families of Beachy Mennonites from Virginia established a community here. Today the community consists of more than 100 families.  The Mennonites provide us an example of hard work, simple living, and agribusiness expertise.


Massee Lane Gardens

Massee Lane Gardens is the home of the American Camellia Society and is located near Marshallville. Here you can visit elegant gardens and a gallery containing over 150 Boehm porcelain sculptures. Admission is $5. Members are admitted free of charge.












Antiques and Art

The restored historic railroad depot in Montezuma is home of the Macon County Historical Museum operated by the Macon County Historical Society. The museum features an amazing model railroad diorama as well as exhibits featuring local and regional history.









Download the Macon County Historical Museum brochure in PDF format.



Flint River

The Flint River offers many recreational opportunities to visitors.  Boating and fishing enthusiasts can choose from two accessible public access boat ramps, Hooks Landing between Oglethorpe and Montezuma on Highway 49 and Crooks Landing between Montezuma and Marshallville on Highway 49.  The Montezuma Bluff Wildlife Management Area is a 500 acre stand of relatively undisturbed mature hardwood forest surrounding Crooks Landing. The damp, shady slopes sheer off in a 150-foot escarpment of eroded limestone to form a spectacular bluff overlooking a towering beechwood swamp. Boaters can enjoy magnificent views of the bluffs while exploring the swampy creeks and sandbars below. Visitors can see 50 million year old fossilized limestone encrusted with ancient sea shells from the Tallahatta Formation marine ecosystem. Every spring hikers enjoy a stunning display of one of the state's largest populations of rare relic trillium. The endangered blossoms are clustered among fossils and other protected plant species. They reach for the sun through a blanket of leaves beneath the branches of old-growth beech and magnolia. Trails are open only to foot traffic and include wildlife viewing platforms.



Farm Markets


  • Brown Farm Market

William L. Brown Farms is a family-owned and managed farming business that grows traditional row crops such as cotton, peanuts, and corn, as well as seasonal vegetables. In addition, they produce pecans and late season peaches. Visit the roadside farm market during the summer months, to sample a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, homemade peach ice cream, unique items for your home, and "pick your own" flowers.


  • Chase Farm Stand

Pick up bushels of fresh sweet corn and vegetables to can and savor summer's bounty all year long. Family-owned Chase Farms operates a farm stand from June through August at Highway 26 East and Stage Coach Road in Oglethorpe.


  • Kauffman's Farmarket

Open during strawberry season. It's the perfect time to visit Kauffman's beautiful 18 acre Farm. Whether you're picking fresh strawberries, fresh vegetables, or just taking pleasure in our magnificent pecan trees and peach orchard. Kauffman's Farmarket is a great place for everyone!


  • Odom's Produce

Odom's Produce is a family farm located in Montezuma, GA.  They have been providing fresh produce to Macon and surrounding counties for over 100 years!


Flint River Farm School Preservation Park

The Flint River Farms Resettlement Project was part of a New Deal Program that offered the opportunity for Black farmers to become independent landowners. Flint River Farms was initiated in 1937 when the Federal government purchased several large plantations and subdivided them into 107 farm units averaging 93 acres per unit. Each unit consisted of a new four-to-five room house, a barn, two mules, an outhouse, a chicken coop, and a smoke house. All featured electricity, bored wells, sanitary privies and fencing. Today, many of the descendants of the original participants still own the original farmland. The granddaughter of participant Fred Mathis is filmmaker Charlene Gilbert.  She immortalized the experience of these families in her PBS documentary, "Homecoming". Flint River Farms Preservation Society has established a park on the site, located at Highway 224 East and Flint River School Road in Montezuma.


Annual Events

There are several major annual events in Macon County. Be sure to mark your calendars to attend these activities!


  • Camellia Festival

This festival is held at the headquarters of the American Camellia Society and lasts the entire month of February. This week-long festival includes arts and crafts, floral displays, tour of homes, a fashion show, and more. Celebrate the beautiful camellia blooming season!


  • Montezuma's Beaver Creek Festival & Duck Race

This annual event was started in the Fall of 1994 following the flood. This festival features arts, crafts, food, live entertainment, and the Great Beaver Creek Duck Race!  The festival is held on the last Saturday in October each year.


  • Oglethorpe's Turkey Day and Deer Day

Oglethorpe hosts the Turkey Day Festival the 3rd Saturday in March and the Deer Day Festival on the 3rd Saturday in October.


  • Crepe Myrtle Festival

Held annually in July during the peak of the Crepe Myrtle trees.


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