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Incorporated in 1849, the City of Oglethorpe has played an important role in shaping Macon County's history.  When the county seat moved to Oglethorpe, the population swelled to 16,000 people and an unsuccessful attempt was made to make Oglethorpe Georgia's capital city

At that time, Oglethorpe was one of Georgia's larger cities.  However, a grave blow fell during the 1860's when a smallpox epidemic spread throughout the town. Hundreds perished and fled.  After the Civil War the community began to recover and although the population never fully regained its former stature, the small town not only survived but prevailed over this adversity.


Oglethorpe is a lovely community in which to raise a family, with beautiful historic homes and churches.  Visit the historic Macon County Courthouse which has been recently renovated to its original beauty.

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